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Build a sustainable
food business while
making profit.

If you are visiting this page, you probably own or run a food business. I welcome and congratulate you for this foray into the Food business space.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the food industry, I am certain that it has been an exciting ride! Kudos for all the hard work and resilience in navigating the food service industry. I sure hope you have had some fun on your journey as a Foodpreneur.

Regardless of the reasons that prompted your decision to start and operate a food service business, one thing is certain-making profit.
If this is your pursuit, you are in the right place. With certainty, our organization will help you structure and optimize your business with a carefully selected range of services that guarantees you not only operating a profitable business, but one that allows you live a life of your dreams.

I am driven to help start-ups and advancing food businesses succeed. Our focus is to support you to take necessary actions to grow profit!

Once again, welcome!

Identify the Challenge

Challenges in running a food business come in different forms, shapes and sizes. From clarity in business concepts to staffing, systems and sometimes you, the food business owner.

A good place to start when identifying the challenges your business face is to reflect on the existing operations and identity sore areas for “treatment”.

We break up the challenges in “bite-sizes” and viola, we’re on the way to solving your problems.

The Approach

Create the Solution

Answers that solve the challenges of your business face exist. Yes, they can ALL be resolved.

The question is do you believe and are you ready?Intentionality is key to resolving business issues.

A commitment to work ON your business not IN your business is a guaranteed recipe to fix the nuisances your business face.


The Approach

Execute the Plan

A common pressure foodpreneurs is the myriad of issues that require the attention of the business owner. This is compounded by the solo-leadership status of most businesses where business owners do not report to anyone.

So, very quickly, even the purest intention to work on the business and action laid out when planning quickly slides to the back burner. To keep you on track, get an accountability partner that ensures you get results!


The Approach

Monitor Results

Drum roll! It’s time to keep your eyes on the results of your efforts and check against expected outcomes. A schedule is created that allows for quick monitoring of results against timelines. This is kept simple and uncomplicated to easily track results.

The Approach

About Osaretin

Hello! My name is Osaretin Okao, The Food Biz Doctor. I am a Food Business Consultant with over 24 years of rich engagement in the food industry and a coach to several food business brands and celebrity chefs.

I have amassed a wealth of experience in the food service space
working for and with several food businesses and have over the years garnered strategies and core principles on how to run successful food businesses that thrive without 100% attention of the owners.

The support services offered is a one-stop food business consulting company offering expert advisory support to foodpreneurs on how to essentially work less and earn more.


Some Testimonials


The session was very impactful.
I have seen so many things that I am doing wrong in my business and wasting resources.
I am so grateful



The session is mind-blowing. I know things about food business but today, my eyes have been open to other parts of the business that I have taken for granted. She has taken my business to the next level



The Foodbizdoctor is an advocacy to turn Food Business in Nigeria around.



It was awesome. My session was an eye-opener. Very impactful


And Some More…