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Eating healthy can be simple and easy. 
This course teaches how to curate and cook nutritious meals for your family and guests.

Healthy yet exciting
meals. It’s possible.

Do you worry about what you eat and desire safe, nutritious meals that are easy to cook? You probably also crave foods that are not only healthy but also help your body regenerate. THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Our natural food program offers participants an exciting opportunity to learn how food can revitalize the body through professional culinary training.

Though the focus will be on locally available produce, participants will experience healthy cooking across international cuisine. In addition, Basic Cooking Skills, Safe food handling and meal presentation are among other interesting topics that will be taught.

The training received during this program upskills and prepares participants to make healthy yet exciting meals for friends, family and clients for those who choose to progress as professional chefs.

If you can’t get the picture of delicately presented healthy meals from vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, lean meats and fish out of your head, ENROLL yourself or your cook TODAY!

What you’ll take away from the course

Here are some
course details

  • The Program duration is 8 weeks
  • Classes are Tuesdays Wednesday and Thursday weekly from 9am – 3pm each day
  • The program runs three times yearly, one beginning in March, another in May and the last in August
  • Classes are 18 hours a week with additional 6 hours of independent study
  • The training teaches you to cook from recipes but hones your creativity so you don’t have to always rely on recipes
  • As more people embrace healthy living, a robust opportunity exists to carve a niche for self

Program Cost

The total cost for this 12 weeks program is ₦560,000 and an application fee of ₦15,000.


Students will be provided with the following:
1. One Knife set
2. Two aprons
3. Two face caps
All student are to wear non slip shoes to prevent personal injury during cooking classes.

Attendance is compulsory for all classes. Any class missed will be rescheduled at a cost. Personal home kitchen equipment will be at the student’s expense.

Books for the program are carefully selected to provide useful resources for the students. Additional books can be purchased independently by the students.

Our students are expected to own non-slip shoes for protection during the cooking classes. Should they require equipment for home use, that will be that their own expense.